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1) the first step would obviously be to browse for the bag of your choice and when you have come up with a decision, fill in and email us this order form below:

Contact number:
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Item code:
Name of the item(s):

our email is

2) COD is available at either 'UiTM Shah Alam' or anywhere around shah alam basically. lol. email us for the specific details on timing and location.

3)after emailing your order, wait for us to reply. we will probably respond to your email in a day but if we fail to do so, send us another email, just in case ;)

4) so when we reply your order, we will provide you with the total amount you have to pay and our banking details for payment (if needed).

5)after receiving our email and banking in the specific amount, please inform us immediately and we will post your item of choice as soon as possible. we will also provide you with your parcel's tracking number.

6) lastly, our transaction is complete when the parcel arrives at your doorstep. and voila! you get the lovely bag you wanted! :)

btw, feedback is very much appreciated so please please, do share with us your complaints/praises (wink wink. lol.) about our items :D:D

thanks and happy shopping! :):)

(oh. and don't forget to read the 'WARNING' column on your left before placing an order. please and thank you! :D)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Some good news. And some bad ones.

Greetings all!

Yes i know that it's been a while since i've updated or made new bags or replied emails even. But the good news is that i'm starting this thing back up and by next week, i'll be ready to release a new set of bags :D:D so sorry for the long wait by the way. After my exams were over, the holiday fever kicked in and the malas disease plagued me so i couldn't update then. And when the new year finally rolled in, preparations for a new semester took most of my time.

But now that im settled down and have a bit of time on my hands, i can start doodling again :D:D so yeahh. Updates will be a definite thing next week. As for the massive amount of emails that i have not checked, im so sorry but i dont think i'll be able to reply them all. To be honest, i havn't read any. Lol. But fret not! I'll check on my inbox as soon as this blog is updated with new goodies :):)

The bad news is that, as you can see, the pictures on this blog is all messed up and unavailable for viewing unless you click on it. And since i'm not a tech expert, i have absolutely NO IDEA on how to fix it. So the website will be in this very ugly state for the time being until i figure out how to get my away around this glitch :/ suggestions are very much welcomed. Just drop a comment at the cbox. Please don't email me yet.

So yeahh. That's all the update for now. You'll probably see a gradual change in the layout of this website while I experiment on the various ways to fix the problem; so bear with me yeah?

Once again, so sorry for the delay/lack of response from emails and man! Does it feel good to be back :D:D

Lotsa delayed <3,
So Random

Saturday, September 12, 2009


we have (finally!) updated people!!! :D:D:D

and this is the LAST set of bags we're going to make so grab 'em fast! :):) and all of these bags are NON-REMAKABLE so they're all exclusive and completely one of a kind. hence, the small hike in prices. lol. XD

so what are you waiting for? get one today! :D:D
(lol. the most cliche sales line in the world!)

(yup. OMG! is right! :D)



i actually don't like eating durians.

but i think they're pretty cute.

and this is why i made this bag.

yes. the motive behind this bag is THAT simple ;)

code: SR38
size: M

a monster and a duck.


this bag is exactly what it looks like. it features, once again, an annoying monster and a duck who just can't take it anymore and decides to curse in response. but because this website is rated as "U" (lol!), i had to use an acronym to make sure no one gets offended. XD teehee~

code: SR37
size: L

sexy lips.


this bag was made after i heard and fell in love with the song, "Sugar" by Flo Rida. i love the song so much that i decided to make and dedicate a bag just for it!

hence, this monster with the puffy lips was born. i think this bag would have definitely made Flo Rida proud :D:D now sing it with me people!!!

My lips like sugar (My lips like sugar)
This candy got you sprung (This candy got you sprung)
So call me your sugar (So call me your sugar )
You love you some (You love you some)


code: SR36
size: M

i love dorks :)


i have always had a thing for dorks. i don't know. they're just more appealing to me than the other so called 'bad boys'. and you just know that they're dependable as well as adorable :):)

and this bag was basically made to suit my weird fetish or affinity for dorky guys. and i know a lot of you out there feel the same way as well. so if any of you prefer nice dorky guys over dangerous bad boys, this bag is definitely for you! :D:D

code: SR35
size: M

random piece of block.


yes folks. this IS a weird talking cube. it's actually a piece of playing bock that babies use to build buildings. that's why he is so cheery :):)

but what i really like about this bag is that fact that he's proudly telling the world what he is.
and that is a 'weird talking cube'.

and i think that takes guts :D

so this bag is basically the bag with the guts. lol. XD

code: SR34
size: M

omg! :O


two words,

"LIKE OMG!!!!!!!!"

i think these words say it all already :O

code: SR33
size: S



this bag is about a freakishly tall and blocky boy named Ravi who just cannot seem to understand why he is so blocky and square-ish.

his friend, Bobby Junior is not really helping either. in fact, Bobby junior is acting very dismissive and insensitive to Ravi's predicament.

poor Ravi.

im sorry, i don't know why you're so blocky either. try asking the 'piece of block' in SR 35' though. that guy's pretty quare and blocky too. lol. :D

code: SR32
size: M

i ain't short!


lol. i saw this phrase on a shirt at FOS and thought it would be funny to turn it into a bag.

this bag is basically for those people out there who keeps getting teased or underestimated because of their height or size. because like all those mini sized chocolate bars like Mars bars and Snickers out there; they may all be small but they're also fun sized and yummy. so yummy in fact that it doesn't matter that the portion is so damn small. because then, you get to savour everything in it :):)

and that's the same with small people. because we're not short, we're just fun sized! :):) and you'll see why when you get to know us better! :D:D

code: SR31
size: M

attitude :)


i love this bag. it really sticks it up to 'the man'.

it's like saying, "come on. try me." or "go on. see if i care".

lol. it's like a challenge. the monster is obviously pissed and the fact that it's saying, "go on. make my day" just shows that he's definitely not in the mood for any crap and that if you know what's good for you, don't mess with him.

i think it's pretty rebellious and unique.

so if you wanna be pissed and angry at the world, this is definitely the bag for you :D:D

code: SR30
size: M



i think that there are a lot of annoying people in this world. so much so that sometimes, when they get too annoying, i just feel like they should all go rot under a rock or something :/ because there is always that one person who is just too happy or TOO hyper. and this just annoys the hell out of everyone else. like, "omg, why is this person so damn happy anyways?" lol.

this bag is basically just that. the red monster, Kiki, is being just a tad too cheery and happy; and the purple monster, Fangs, is just having nothing of it. angry at Kiki's unwanted and misplaced happiness, Fangs just snaps and asks Kiki to shut up.

personally, i support Fangs.

sorry Kiki. i'm just not a big fan of people whistling or humming randomly. XD
code: SR29
size: M

desperate for love :)


have any one of you ever felt so lonely and alone before? like, if only you had someone, someone who cares?

well. i for one, am not ashamed to confess that i sometimes get these occasional bouts of insecurity. or desperation in fact. lol. XD

and that was how this bag was born :):)

it basically depicts how this boy, Adam (i have no idea why that's his name O_O), is desperate for someone to care and love that he's literally begging on the streets for some TLC. i think it's cute. and if i was an imaginary character just like him as well, i would totally respond to his sign with kind. lol. :D:D

code: SR28
size: M

i hate you.


this bag is the total opposite of 'the milk and the cookie' bag. in this bag, instead of having a cooking confessing his love to a carton of milk, there's this really fat guy who blames the cookie for his obesity instead :D:D

this fat guy's name is Bobby. Bobby is angry at the poor little cookie for being so delicious, yummy and so very eatable. in fact, i think Bobby became fat because of eating too many cookies.

so i think his hate for the cookie is justified :):)

still. poor cookie though. it ain't his fault he's so damn delicious! XD

code: SR27
size: M

you suck.


this bag basically says, "So what? you suck too!"

it's really making a statement and it basically shows how much you hate people and their harsh comments sometimes. this bag is blunt, straightforward and honest :):) whoever who are just so sick and tired of being put down but is afraid to retaliate, just get this bag :) it'll do all the retaliating for you :D:D

code: SR26
size: S

i'm back!

hey ya'll! :)

so sorry for dissapearing like that. but i was deadly ill for a week and i was literelly bed ridden due to the blasted fever so i couldn't update my blog or reply emails. but i have recovered and i'm great now so the update is going to come pretty soon! :D:D

also, please note that this will be my LAST update before i move on to a long hiatus. this is because my parents forbid me to paint any more bags :/ they want me to concentrate on my studies, so being the good daughter that i am (l0l!), i have to respect their wishes :(

so yeahh. this is my last set of bags so i'm sorry folks, but the prices are going to be different too. M sized bags are now, in the next set, going to be priced at rm19 each and L sized bags are going to be priced at rm21 each. the price of an S sized bag remains the same though :) but don't worry, it's still SO worth the money because ALL of these bags are EXCLUSIVE. meaning that these new bags are non-remakable. they are truly one of a kind and you'll never catch another person wearing it outside XD

so yeahh...the bags in the new set are really special and dear to my heart so i hope ya'll would still purchase 'em :):) the update will probably be out by tomorrow so wait for it yeah? :D and this time, i promise i'll be on time. XD

thanks! :D:D

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sorry.. bad news

Hey everybody :D
This is Ain's sis(Ainaa xD)! Due to the fact my sis is having a REALLY bad fever, she is unable to reply emails and will have to postpone the bag update. She said she's REALLY sorry for the troubles and that we can't update the bags cause we haven't taken the pics yet... but the bags are already painted! When my sis gets better, we'll make sure the bags are sent and the blog is updated! ^^ So plz be patient :) Thank u.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

on hiatus,

greetings random peeps! :D:D

i know that there has not been any updates lately and i apologize deeply for that buttttt this is mainly due to the fact that my assignments and tests are piling up and it's getting a lot harder for me to reply emails on time or accept remake orders; let alone start on my new collection of bags :S


to solve this problem, i have to decided to go on hiatus for two weeks. this is so that i can finally work on my new designs and finally update this blog. lol. this means that i'm temporarily not accepting any more remake orders. none at all. x)

but dunt worry, for those of you who have paid for your orders, im still going to finish and mail them of course! and for those of you who are currently ordering and emailing me, i will still remake the bags of your choice. but after today, no more orders will be entertained.

im sorry for the inconvienece but this had to be done for me to finally concentrate on my studies and create new designs at my own pace. you have no idea how annoying drawing and painting the same thing over and over again can be. lol! XDXD

so yeah. wait for the update! it'll probably be up in 2 weeks or less! :D:D will inform ya'll on the specifics later. but until then, toodles!~ :)

lotsa <3,
So Random

PS: my apolagies for those emails of which i replied late or if my customer service hasn't been efficient lately. it's been a busy month and sometimes, i get too caught up with so many things on my plate. its unexcusable, i know. but do know that i am deeply sorry for any inconvinience caused :):)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

advertorial! :D:D

omgomgomg! thanks so much to

Your Shopping Kaki

for doing an advertorial on us! :D:D
it's so awesome that i was literally foaming at the mouth when i saw it! :)

so guys! if you wanna check out our Q&A session with YSK or are just jobless and want to see what really goes on behind 'So Random', come and check out this link yeah?


and thanks so much again Sha-Lene from YSK for the advertorial! :D:D
you're sucha doll! :):)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

back in uni

hey guys! :D

i am now back in uni (groans!) so im so sorry to say that remake orders will be arriving a little bit late. before this, remake orders will only take one or two days to arrive. but due to my current predicament, of being stuck in uni and being away from my sister (who is basically my little helper in this project. lol.), it will take a lot longer to finish your remake bags.

so right now, it'll probably take 3 days to finish one remake bag instead of the usual one day. so yeah. please consider this new fact before placing an order for a remake alright? :):)

but please. if you want a bag to be remade and are very much patient to wait for it, don't hesitate to place an order yeah? :D:D

thanks and so sorry for the inconvinience! :):)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

reviewed! :D

thanks so much

The Luxurious Fashionista!

for reviewing us! :D

Thursday, June 25, 2009

hello random people! :D


have fun ya'll! :):)

cheers!~ :D:D


btw. please view all the bags from bottom to top yeah? :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the milk and the cookie :)


this bag was originally a custom order from a friend of ours.
but it was so cute, we couldn't help ourselves but asked her if we could use the design for our next batch as well.
and thank godd she said yes!!! :D:D

cause we just think that this bag is so super adorable that it should be shared with everyone as well! :):)

and they make such a cute couple don't you think? x)
code: SR25
size: L

so small :(


basically, this bag was made when we felt very emo and fragile-ish.
so this bag is for those people out there who sometimes feel very insignificant or invisible.
it's essentially a very emo bag.
an emo bag the we very much love btw :)

poor little monster.
always being looked down upon.
yes. we empathize, little monster.
we sometimes know how you feel too.
*gets teary eyed*

code: SR24
size: M



'Sunny' strikes again!
annoying the hell out of everyone by being so weirdly happy and enthusiastic.
poor 'Bobo' (yes. that is what we come to call the cute green monster).
he never knew it was coming! XD

so for god's sake Sunny! go kacau someone else and leave all these innocent monsters alone.
go eat a popsicle or something :/
so many people are already weirded out by you already. O_O

code: SR23
size: L

oh sh*t! Version 2.0


oooooh. the demonic cloud strikes again! XD
and this time, on another unsuspecting monster.
poor thing! lol!

the reason why we duplicated the "Oh Sh*t!" bag version 1 was because we loved it soo much that we decided to do an M sized version as well!

but this time, we changed the monster a bit. it's not as fat or short. XD
however, we decided to keep the colour :):)
which goes to show how this demonic cloud only attacks stuff that is purple.

so if you ever decide to carry this bag around.
don't wear purple.

code: SR22
size: M



we actually really don't know what to say about this bag except that it's retardedly happy.
we suppose that if we put "Sunny" in the same room as "Happy", they'd probably get along really well don't you think? :D

but with all the drool, weird-ness and awful buck teeth, this bag is still pretty cute and should be owned by a happy owner as well :):)

code: SR21
size: S

popsicle II


well. this is basically the very opposite of 'Popsicle I'.
because this popsicle, unlike the first one, is extremely happy to be eaten.
we suspect that this time, the person who's saying 'yay!' for the ice cream is Sunny from 'Yeah!' in SR11.

because no one else could ever be as cheerful as that when encountering a popsicle! XD

and we also find it soo hillarious that this popsicle of an unknown flavour (probably some weird artificial syrupy flavour) is actually happy to meet his doom!

it's probably all the weird artificial flavouring messing with his brains. x)

code: SR20
size: S



this is our very first 'all text and no image' bag :):)
we hope you guys like it and treat it with kind. X)

we saw this on an icon once and thought it'll be cool to duplicate it cause it completely explains our current predicament right about now.

and we're sure a lot of you shopaholics out there agree with us when we say that this bag does really explain how broke we are sometimes :D:D

we also thought it'll be super funny if one actually brings this to class and use it as and excuse for not paying attention! LOL!
now that would be quite a laugh! XD

code: SR19
size: S

Monday, June 22, 2009

freaky fries :)


one. word.


'cause yeah. this bag IS freaky.
i mean. what more could you called a deranged pack of fries?

at first, this bag was supposed to be called, 'loony fries'.
but in the end, we thought 'freaky fries' was better.
'cause well. both words start with the letter 'F'.
and we like the letter 'F' a lot. yes we do. LOL!
also, it sorta had a ring to it too. XD

so yeahh...


code: SR18
size: M