instructions/ terms and conditions :):)

1) the first step would obviously be to browse for the bag of your choice and when you have come up with a decision, fill in and email us this order form below:

Contact number:
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Item code:
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our email is

2) COD is available at either 'UiTM Shah Alam' or anywhere around shah alam basically. lol. email us for the specific details on timing and location.

3)after emailing your order, wait for us to reply. we will probably respond to your email in a day but if we fail to do so, send us another email, just in case ;)

4) so when we reply your order, we will provide you with the total amount you have to pay and our banking details for payment (if needed).

5)after receiving our email and banking in the specific amount, please inform us immediately and we will post your item of choice as soon as possible. we will also provide you with your parcel's tracking number.

6) lastly, our transaction is complete when the parcel arrives at your doorstep. and voila! you get the lovely bag you wanted! :)

btw, feedback is very much appreciated so please please, do share with us your complaints/praises (wink wink. lol.) about our items :D:D

thanks and happy shopping! :):)

(oh. and don't forget to read the 'WARNING' column on your left before placing an order. please and thank you! :D)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

reviewed! :D

thanks so much

The Luxurious Fashionista!

for reviewing us! :D

Thursday, June 25, 2009

hello random people! :D


have fun ya'll! :):)

cheers!~ :D:D


btw. please view all the bags from bottom to top yeah? :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the milk and the cookie :)


this bag was originally a custom order from a friend of ours.
but it was so cute, we couldn't help ourselves but asked her if we could use the design for our next batch as well.
and thank godd she said yes!!! :D:D

cause we just think that this bag is so super adorable that it should be shared with everyone as well! :):)

and they make such a cute couple don't you think? x)
code: SR25
size: L

so small :(


basically, this bag was made when we felt very emo and fragile-ish.
so this bag is for those people out there who sometimes feel very insignificant or invisible.
it's essentially a very emo bag.
an emo bag the we very much love btw :)

poor little monster.
always being looked down upon.
yes. we empathize, little monster.
we sometimes know how you feel too.
*gets teary eyed*

code: SR24
size: M



'Sunny' strikes again!
annoying the hell out of everyone by being so weirdly happy and enthusiastic.
poor 'Bobo' (yes. that is what we come to call the cute green monster).
he never knew it was coming! XD

so for god's sake Sunny! go kacau someone else and leave all these innocent monsters alone.
go eat a popsicle or something :/
so many people are already weirded out by you already. O_O

code: SR23
size: L

oh sh*t! Version 2.0


oooooh. the demonic cloud strikes again! XD
and this time, on another unsuspecting monster.
poor thing! lol!

the reason why we duplicated the "Oh Sh*t!" bag version 1 was because we loved it soo much that we decided to do an M sized version as well!

but this time, we changed the monster a bit. it's not as fat or short. XD
however, we decided to keep the colour :):)
which goes to show how this demonic cloud only attacks stuff that is purple.

so if you ever decide to carry this bag around.
don't wear purple.

code: SR22
size: M



we actually really don't know what to say about this bag except that it's retardedly happy.
we suppose that if we put "Sunny" in the same room as "Happy", they'd probably get along really well don't you think? :D

but with all the drool, weird-ness and awful buck teeth, this bag is still pretty cute and should be owned by a happy owner as well :):)

code: SR21
size: S

popsicle II


well. this is basically the very opposite of 'Popsicle I'.
because this popsicle, unlike the first one, is extremely happy to be eaten.
we suspect that this time, the person who's saying 'yay!' for the ice cream is Sunny from 'Yeah!' in SR11.

because no one else could ever be as cheerful as that when encountering a popsicle! XD

and we also find it soo hillarious that this popsicle of an unknown flavour (probably some weird artificial syrupy flavour) is actually happy to meet his doom!

it's probably all the weird artificial flavouring messing with his brains. x)

code: SR20
size: S



this is our very first 'all text and no image' bag :):)
we hope you guys like it and treat it with kind. X)

we saw this on an icon once and thought it'll be cool to duplicate it cause it completely explains our current predicament right about now.

and we're sure a lot of you shopaholics out there agree with us when we say that this bag does really explain how broke we are sometimes :D:D

we also thought it'll be super funny if one actually brings this to class and use it as and excuse for not paying attention! LOL!
now that would be quite a laugh! XD

code: SR19
size: S

Monday, June 22, 2009

freaky fries :)


one. word.


'cause yeah. this bag IS freaky.
i mean. what more could you called a deranged pack of fries?

at first, this bag was supposed to be called, 'loony fries'.
but in the end, we thought 'freaky fries' was better.
'cause well. both words start with the letter 'F'.
and we like the letter 'F' a lot. yes we do. LOL!
also, it sorta had a ring to it too. XD

so yeahh...


code: SR18
size: M



we think this bag is funny because the hantu is trying to be all scary and angry but we think he's just a harmless old ghost who's just a teensy bit grumpy.

but we all do agree that he's scarier looking than the hantu in SR15 (a.k.a "boo!").

however. now that we look at him. he looks a bit like a jellyfish. LOL!
how weird! a jellyfish looking ghost. poor thing O_O

oh well! take him home and make a statement! everyone should have at least a little bit of angst displayed on their bags. and this ghost is so filled with angst and bitterness (probably because he's jellyfish looking and ain't scary at all) that he would make everyone who looks at him emo and bitter.

and we think that that's a pretty cool reaction.

code: SR17
size: M

oh sh*t!


this bag is about....
we don't know.
but it's pretty funny ain't it? :D
and random too.
a monster getting electrocuted by a demon cloud.
now you don't see that every day! XD
and we also like how the monster curses.
it's so weirdly adorable :):)


anyways! if you want a freakishly funny bag.
this one's perfect for you! :D
'cause it's just the right blend of weird and random.
and that always ends up being funny! XD

code: SR16
size: S



much like Casper the friendly ghost, this hantu cannot scare people for nuts!
he's just wayyy too cute and adorable.
which sucks for him.
but you know, if you wanna go around attempting to scare people off, then this is definitely NOT the bag for you. LOL!
because we assure you it won't work. XD

HOWEVER!! if you wanna go around hoping someone would say "Awwwwwww" in response to your bag then this is DEFINITELY the bag for you! :D:D

it just screams "awwwwwww :):)"!!!


hantu comel: Boo!
people: awwwwww :3:3

seeeeeee? :):)

code: SR15
size: M



well. weirdly enough, this is a ghost tripping.
yepp. he's actually falling down due to a misstep.
and on his way down, he says "gahhh!!!!"
yesh. we know. it's pretty random right?
well. that's what this blogshop is all about.
the random-ness in every situation. add to the random-ness of this bag, we shall now name this ghost 'gila'.
simply because he IS gila.
teehee! :D:D
we're so mean! *cue evil laugh* XD

code: SR14
size: S




that's all this monster ever says.
it's quite annoying really.
so in retaliation, all we're going to say about this bag is:


got you back!
see how annoying it feels? :/

code: SR13
size: M

popsicle I


well. this is basically one scared popsicle.
he (yes. it's a he.) is afraid to get eaten by the person who's sayin "mmmmmm".
who that person is, nobody knows.
we suspect it's Bob from 'yo' and 'whatever'.
he was always so shifty looking and filled with angst.
so emo.

yeppp. if anyone were to threatened the cute little popsicle here, it would be him.
poor popsicle.

just so you know. he's strawberry flavoured.
that's why he's red. yum yum! x)

code: SR12
size: S



this guy's name is 'Sunny'.
why 'Sunny' you ask?
hmmm. we thought it was pretty obvious on account of the fact that he's just so enthusiastic. and happy. and yellow. and orange. and well. sunny.
oh. and we thought 'sunny' was a pretty cute name :):)


on this bag, sunny is very happy.
why you ask?
well. for no good reason of course! :D
because he is always unreasonably (and weirdly) happy.
and we all don't know why.

we suspect it's drugs :/

so the tag line for this bag is basically,
"get high on Sunny now! :)"

code: SR11
size: M

yo! Version 2.0


presenting!! the new and well... not really improved version of "Yo!" from SR08.
because we figured that we couldn't fit the word 'fart!' in the small speech bubble above so we replaced it with the shortest and coolest word in the world instead: yo!

so now this monster farts a 'yo!' :):) woohoo!

awesome huh? :D:D

code: SR10
size: S

remake/custom orders

are now closed! so sorry for the inconvenience yeah? :):)

check back in on the 26th alright?
we got some awesome new designs for all you great random people out there to enjoy!



Tuesday, June 16, 2009

we're so sorry guys,

but we are now closing all orders for remakes after the end of this week. so if you have ordered a remake, please bank in the total before the end of this week. or if you're interested in a remake, order quickly! xD lol.

this is because we want to finish our next batch of bags which we are going to release by the end of this month as soon as possible :) and we can't start releasing these bags if we keep having to re-make the old ones. so we are very very sorry for the inconvenience but it just has to be done so that we can (finally!) update this blog before our next semester starts at uni. lol. x)

also, we just want to kindly remind buyers to look at the measurements of these bags properly and really gauge its size first before ordering because we have had a few complaints on people claiming that the bag is too small even after we have clearly stated the size of these bags and post various pictures on it on this blog.

and look. the size S bag is a size S for a reason. it IS small. so if you're planning to pack in more than 3 books, don't take the S size. take the M one instead. and we are very sorry if we have offended anyone but we just thought that this issue had to be cleared up because we don't want any repeated complaints :):)

on a lighter note though,

we've been reviewed by 'Fashionista 1001' and we are extremely grateful and happy :D:D yay!

thanks so much ya'll! :D:D

Sunday, June 14, 2009

once again,

thanks so much ya'll for the wonderful review! :):)
you guys are awesome!! :D:D


Monday, June 8, 2009


thanks so much

Thrift Book

for reviewing us. you guys are awesome and we've always loved you site.

so thanks again! :D :D


Friday, June 5, 2009

another review


you guys are so awesome.
thank you!!

teehee~ :):)

OMG!!! :):) thank you!

first of all, thanks so much Xash for reviewing us on "Diary of an E-Shopaholic"!! :D:D
and as promised, we are forever in ur debt. lol! :):)


also, thanks so much "Your Shopping Kaki" for including us on your blog list and soon to be, reviewing us in the near future :)

Your Shopping Kaki

oh. and lastly, thanks a bunch hadi and ben for all the support! :D
you guys are oh-so-awesome! :):)

thank youuuu!!! :D:D

Thursday, June 4, 2009

yummmm :9


once again, another "domokun" bag.
and this time he's hungry and aggressive.
and we kinda like him this way.
so cute and grumpy! :):)

however, we do advice people not come too close to this bag.
he's a bit unstable right now. x)

code: SR09
size: S

Wednesday, June 3, 2009



this is the sort of reincarnation of our first bag, "whatever". so the black dude (who we have come to call Bob. lol.) is present in this design too. and as usual, he's still trying desperately to be cool by saying, "yo!"

yeahhh...we don't think it's really working out for him. lol. x)

code: SR08
size: S